Selecting group of records from table



I am using Access 2002 and have a limited amount of
experience in database. I have a Products Table that
contains over 10,000 parts with unique part numbers. I
want to enter in a Form Or Query specific part numbers and
create a set of records that I can perform calculations on
and sort in several ways. Some of the fields in my table
are Part Number, weight per foot, length, price per pound,
freight catagory and others. I have created Forms and
Queries to pull the fields I need but can only get one
record. Should I create a table from a table or should
this be done with a query? How do you make a form or query
allow you to input more than one item. What I am trying to
build is an estimating program for aluminum building
materials. This will look very much like a sales order.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph Meehan

You need to be able to tell Access what records you want. If we are to
be able to help we will need to know how you pick those records.

For example if you are looking for part numbers that have a 3 in the
third place of the number, that might be one thing, if you are looking for
part numbers what have a type field where the type is "green valves" that
could be done. It could even work if you have a list of part numbers you

In any case we need more information about your problem. Some samples
might be helpful.

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