selecting ComboBox items



Good Day All

I've been surfin for a hour or two now trying to sort out soemthing I'm sure
will turn out to be rather simple.

I have a Combo Box with a Column Count of 2 and Column bound on 1. Column 1
is my ID and Column 2 is my Description. It's the Description that I want
displayed to the user. I'm only displaying the ID because I don't know how
to hide it. Anyway, the list populates fine with the ID first and then the
description untill I make a selection. Then ONLY the ID is displayed. What I
need is to display only the Description but I need the ID as I'm using that
to farther sort on a Button event. I would be happy if I could atleast
display both the ID and discription in the menu after the selection has been

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.



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