Selecting a record from a combobox


Jeff Boyce


Why use two forms to do what one form can handle?

One form, with an unbound combobox in the header. The combobox lists all
available advertisers.

The form is based on a query that uses the selected advertiser in the form's
combobox as a selection criterion (I usually use the rowID field).

The combobox's AfterUpdate event tells the form to requery (something like:

When you first open the form, the query looks to the (empty) combobox and
loads that record (i.e., none). When you pick an advertiser in the
combobox, the form requeries and loads the info re: that advertiser.

Good luck!


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP




Hi there

I have a form for "Advertisers" which is a form that includes contact info
for my advertisers.

i have created a seperate form, and on this form, i want to insert a combo
box where i can select
an advertiser from, and then when i select the advertiser in the combo box,
i want my "advertisers" form to open, showing that specific advertiser i

please help

thank u

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