Select 'Sort By' column by simply typing heading letter




In the next version of MS Excel, please restore the ability to define Sort
By columns by simply typing the Column heading letter as was the case in Word
2003. When Excel 2007 came out, I was astonished to discover that capability
was no longer available.

For example, suppose I want to sort a large spreadsheet by Column CDX. In
both Excel 2003 and 2007, if I open the Sort box and click Sort By, the drop
down menu, by default, lists Column A as the first option. In Excel 2003, I
could simply click twice to insert the cursor, type backspace (to remove the
A), then type cdx and click OK.

However, Excel 2007 does not allow me to change the Sort By column in this
way. Instead, I am required to scroll down through the extent of the
options, click 'More Columns...' then use the Column Picker, etc.

It would sure be nice, while implementing new versions, to retain previous
time-saving functionality. In this case, it would be very helpful to restore
that functionality.

Thank you

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Roger Govier


F5>CDX1>OK>Right click on CdX1>Sort>Smallest to largest ( or your choice)>OK

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