select case two conditions



access 2003

Getting type mismatch on a select case - Case "ST" And Nz([ckGEN] = -1)
doesn't like Nz([ckGEN] = -1) which is a check box on form

Select Case txtUnitType.Value

Case "CT"
Me.f018ContrPerfEmissGuaDetails.Form.optHPorIPorLP.Visible = False
Me.f018ContrPerfEmissGuaDetails.Form.FrameElem_Label.Visible = False

Case "ST" And Nz([ckGEN] = -1)
Me.f018ContrPerfEmissGuaDetails.Form.optHPorIPorLP.Visible = False
Me.f018ContrPerfEmissGuaDetails.Form.optHPorIPorLP.Value = Null
end select

Jeff Boyce


You've told us "how" you are trying to do something, but not much about

It appears you are trying to compare the value of txtUnitType to "ST" And
True (or "ST" And False).

"ST" doesn't seem like a boolean value...

More info, please...


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP

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