Select all dates in month from month and year in text box?

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LeeZard via

I have a form to run reports. All reports are run based on the month and
year but the table data contains actual dates. On the form the client enters
03/2007 in a text box to select reports containing data for March 2007. The
text box has a format mm/yyyy. The table data has fields defined as
Date/Time. Data looks like 3/15/2007. How can I use the month and year from
the text box my form to select all of the dates that fall within the month
and year requested?



Jerry Whittle

In the criteria of the query that drives the report:

Between [Forms]![frmParameterDates]![txtParameter] And

Make sure to use the actual form and field name. Remember that the form must
stay open but can be hidden or invisible.

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