Security Problem



I have an .adp on sql server 2000 . It works in windows authontication mode
but I want to check users in 2 layers.
I set the sql server to mixed mode but when I run the .adp file access force
me to enter sql server password . i don't want such this situation. i want
to pass current user information through ConnectionString property .
How users can get rid of this confirmation dialogue when they run .adp


Tore G. via

In access ADP open the FILE menu, then Connection. Here you can specify how
the adp file shall connect to the sql server 2000. You can choose between
"windows integrated security" and "use specific user name and password"
(Sql Server authentication)

If you use sql server authentication make sure that you enable "allow
saving password". Then the users will not be asked to supply the password
when the client connects to sql server.

NT integrated security is far better and should be used if possible. SQL
Server authentication with username and password can easily be hacked.



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