Security Policies - Domain, Default Domain, Controllers


Gabe Matteson

How does the Default Domain Policy and Domain Security Policy Interact with
one another? I've noticed that if I make a change to the Default Domain
Policy it also makes the change to the Domain Security Policy....Is the
Domain Controllers Security Policy completly different and treated like a
seperate entity? Can someone give me some more information on how these 3
security policies interact with one another? I was under the impression that
the domain security policy was for the client computers in the domain and
the domain controller security policy was solely for the domain


The Domain Security Policy is part of the Default Domain
Policy(check under the computer portion of that policy
under windows settings->security) . The Domain controller
security policy is part of the default domain controller
policy. The Domain controller policy holds scope over the
domain controllers only. Where as the domain security
policy holds scope over the entire domain.


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