Security permissions for MDB



Not really an Access question but.... does anyone know the effect of running
a compact and repair on security permissions (folder security) for an MDB
file. I right clicked on my MDB file and chose Properties--Security and
printed the result. Then I did a compact and repair, then printed the
security settings again. The settings had changed. A compact/repair deletes
and recreates the file which I believe wipes out the security for the file
and replaces it with the default folder security. Does anyone know for sure?
Thanks. I'm running Windows XP.



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Compact writes a new file, then deletes and renames the old file. The file
properties will definitely change (size, date, etc.) Any properties stored
with the file wile remain, while any properties from the file system will
take new values and the default folder values (depending, of course on the


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