Security Center Driving Me NUTS



All of a sudden the Security Center has begunning nagging me constantly
about "critical security problems". First it' telling me I have no
anti-virus software, which is a lie. I have AVG which is fully updated and
working fine. Then it tells me Windows Defender is turned off and prompts me
to turn it on. So I click turn on and a window pops up saying it is checking
for updates-then it says none available. I click okay and it still won't
turn on! It just goes into an endless loop of telling me Defender is off,
prompting me to click turn on, search for updates, no updates, Defender is get the idea. Can anyone tell me what is going on and how to fix


I'm having the exact same problem, and am using Windows Live Care, which is
fully updated. I have posted a question with microsoft support, and have
tried several things (including re-install), but nothing works. Any thoughts
would be much appreciated!



if you are mega sure you have a firewall and antivirus installed, then

start > control panel > Security centre > change the way windows alerts me
(on left column in middle)

Milo \(MSPSS\)

For Security Center having problem with Windows Defender

Right-click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.

Then type the following command:

winmgmt /verifyrepository

If the system returns "WMI repository is not consistent",

type this command:

winmgmt /salvagerepository

The first time you run this it should fail:
" It will issue stop commands to the services causing it to fail. Just for
it to shutdown ". Run the command again. You actually may have to run it
of times or more before it finally runs and completes on its own.

Restart your system.


It's fixed! I did what you said and now Windows Defender is back ON and it's
recognizing my AV program! Thank you so much!!



Milo, I have the same problem as Sue; however, when I right click the Window
Alert, I go to the Windows Security site. There is no place to Type, no place
to "Run as Administrator, I need a bit of clarification here, for I have
installed Norton 360, yesterday, it is running fine, but this Windows Alert
is popping up and the only way I have is to exit it for the time being--BUT,
I REALLY WANT the thing to operate correctly. HELP. Seekerof words. Help Me


If anyone can please help me with the problem mentioned below, please advise
me, I would like for the alerts signals to work properly with my Norton 360
and not keep popping up and stating no anti-virsus software found. Please,
anyone, if this can be correctly easily... answer pronto. Thanks, seekerof


I am having the same problem as "seekerofwords" I installed Norton 2008 and
getting these alerts. I had prior version of norton (2007) and no problems


To Gabe from seeker of words. I have found my own solution for the pesky red
security alert. It is: Go to Control Panel, click on Security Shield. On the
Malware, where it states no anti-virus found, click on options. The window
comes up when you can choose.. "I will monitor my own anti-virus software
(that is if you are secure in having your anti-virsus software installed and
working properly), close this window, close the Security window. This will
take the red alert signal off the toolbar when you reboot. AND THIS WORKS FOR
MY Mind. Let me know how you do...seekerofwords

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