Securing coded hyperlinks



How do I protect/lock cells with hyperlinks yet still have users click on them.

I have a form in "Survey" tab for users to enter data. Column F contains
all the questions, Column G is where users answer the questions, and column H
is where I want users to click a hyperlink if they want more details about
the questions.

I have all cells locked except the answer cells. Currently, the hyperlink
coding is like this and links to "reference tab":

FYI, I use the above code because I have about 100 hyperlinks and I need an
easy way to change the links without clicking on each separate one.

When I protect the sheet, I can't access the hyperlinks. So if I unlock the
hyperlink cells, I can access the links however users can now edit those
cells and remove the hyperlink by typing in a value.

How can I get around this?




It's ok, I figured out a way. I have to use "allow user ranges" in
combination with locked/unlocked cells. It's a little painful, but it works.

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