Section Name for $$rename.txt


David Trimboli

I've got a number of software packages that have long file names that
need to be converted to 8.3-format for a RIS image. I've written a
script that writes a $$rename.txt file in each folder of a given package
and renames the files that need renaming.

My question is how to format the [Section_Name] part of $$rename.txt as
a relative path pointing only to the current directory. All the examples
I can find use absolute path names (e.g. [\] for the root of the drive,
[\WINDOWS] for the Windows directory, etc.). Apparently it's not [] (I
just tried it).

How is this done? Is it [.]? Something else? Is it not possible?




I've always used a single $$Rename.txt and had full paths for the section
names. I'd try [.] or modify your script to create the section names.

Pardon me for addressing something you didn't ask about, but I find it odd
that you are needing this for a RIS image since when it does its file copy
it is running a Windows DOS mode shell rather than DOS itself and so
preserves the long files names. I have a RIS image I am working on at the
moment with long file names under the $OEM$\$1 structure and they are all


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