SECOND POST--continuous form scroll problem



Access 2003, Windows XP Pro

I have a continous form as a subform. When I view existing records, the
continuous subform fills its alloted space with records.

However, when I add records to the form, it displays only as many records as
were there when I started adding records. For example, if there are five
records shown on the subform when I view it, when I add a sixth, seventh,
eight, etc., instead of getting a new row lower on the form, the row at the
top scrolls up and the new row is where the original last row was.

If I move to another main record and come back, all the rows in the subform
are shown. It's almost as if the subform decides what size it is when it's
first viewed and it won't resize until you move off it and back on. It's
almost as if the size of the subform is set to whatever it is when you first
view a master record and its child records.

I have a similar form that someone else created that works as I'd expect it
to. New rows are added to the bottom of the form and nothing scrolls until
there are too many rows to display.

One thing that I've noticed is that on the form that scrolls, I see the
little pencil on the left edge of the row I'm typing on and the * on the next
row. I see only an arrowhead on the form that does not scroll correctly.

I suspect that there is some simple setting or property that needs to be
changed, but I have no idea what it is. I've compared the properties of the
two forms and I am missing it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.




I'm responding because you mentioned this post in another one, but there's
not much I can say. The normal behavior for a continuous subform is that
new records are added to the bottom. When you requery the subform record
source (or when you navigate away from the parent record and back again) the
records are arranged in whatever order you have specified (or as the table
is sorted, I think, if you haven't specified).
As for the subform control dynamically resizing, there is no simple setting
to accomplish that. That the pencil icon appears in a subform is puzzling
to me, since that indicates the current record in a table, not in a subform.
I suspect there is code behind the subform in the version that appears as
you would like, but I can't guess what is going on there.

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