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I'm creating a database in a hospital and it is going to be filled with Patient information. I need to have a search where, when a patient comes in and they are already in the database, the patient can be searched and data added to their specific 'Patient ID'. I created a search using a form containing an unbound combo box and then the patients' primary info. How can I get the form to open blank when someone is searching for a patient?


You can open a form and in the form load event, goto a new record, but I
don't like doing that. It creates a new record each time you open the form
and if you don't use it, it eats up an autonumber if you are using autonumber
primary key fields.

My preferred method is to use two forms. A search form and a data form.

That way, if the patient is found, you can open the form to that patients
record use the OpenForm's Where argument. Then set the form's Cycle property
to Current Record, and the user can only see the data for the selected

If the patient is new, open the form in data entry mode and it will open
with all blank fields ready to fill in.

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