Search For A Column Width in Conditional Formatting



I am unskilled in Excel macros & am attempting to add a background color to
all columns in a spreadsheet under the width of .8. (Ver. 2007)

What I have tried & is not working:

Select entire worksheet, Conditional Formatting, add a new rule to
Conditional Formatting Rules Manager.


Formatted as Text with a color.

Please, please, any hints as to what I am doing wrong ??? Many thanks in
advance --




You did not add the second parameter to the cells formula
Try this
if it does not work then make sure that Excel has not added anything to the
formula above when you entered it in conditional formatting under Formula

You must be aware that "the formula gives the width of the cell rounded off
to an integer. Each unit of column width is equal to the width of one
character in the default font size."


Hi Sheeloo, thanks for your response!

I did try it with the A1, but it still didn't work. Can I not use 0.8? If I
put in a different number, from somewhere else in the spreadsheet (like V7
instead of the A1), it will flag a group of merged columns, but not the
little columns I'm trying to find. Wish I could post a screen shot, I know I
am not helping you much with this description...



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