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Two questions about using Search Folders

1. New mail does not appear in Search Folder.
I set up several Search Folders yesterday to keep track of mail relating to
my clients. I used Organizing Mail/Mail with Specific Words as the
criterion, specifying a client's name as the key word for each Folder. I
also specified that the search should include all my Personal Folders. The
new Search Folder were immediately populated with a list of messages that
reside in my Inbox and Sent folders under Personal Folders. So far, so good.

Today, I sent an e-mail with a client's name in both the Subject and in the
text of the message. However, it has not appeared in the appropriate Search
Folder. I checked to see if there already was an item with exactly the same
Subject that might be confusing Outlook. There wasn't.

Then someone sent me a message with the same client's name in it, and it was
immediately listed in the Search Folder.

Can you enlighten me about why this happened? Do I have to take any action
to have Search Folders include messages I send. I thought it would occur
automatically as I received and sent mail.

2. Preventing e-mails from being accidentally deleted.
The Outlook Help file says: "Deleting an e-mail message from a Search Folder
removes the e-mail message from the Microsoft Outlook folder where it is
stored..." then tells how to recover a file from the Deleted Items folder if
it is accidentally deleted.

An article in PC Magazine (April 6, 2004) says essentially the same thing,
then adds "But deleting a search folder will not delete the messages."

I'm dense, and I don't want to take a chance of losing e-mails I need to
keep, so can you please clarify what this means?

It seems to mean that deleting an entire Search Folder from the tree will
not affect the messages in the original folder, such as the Inbox. But
deleting individual messages from that Search Folder *will* delete the same
messages from the original Inbox folder.

What happens if I delete a message from my Inbox, will it automatically be
deleted from the Search Folder?

For me, the whole idea of Search Folders is to organize the clutter of a
zillion e-mails into relevant "stacks." If I can't delete individual
messages from a Search Folder, the list will soon become as unwieldy as as
my Inbox. If I understand all of this correctly, it seems like a very odd

Thank you.


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Think of a search folder as a filter, a collection of criteria that
determine what messages to display. If you delete an item displayed in the
search folder, that item is deleted from its original folder location;
unless you have Deleted Items in your search folder's scope, you will no
longer see that item in the search folder.

But if you delete the search folder, all you're deleting are those criteria.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of
Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for
Administrators, Power Users, and Developers

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