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Perhaps someone can help me here. I have read all the other postings out
there to get me to a certain level and now I am stuck. I have(2 forms), (1
Query), & (1 Table). On 1 form ( the "main_form" I call it) I have tons of
text boxes, command buttons,etc., set to a controlled table..."table 1."

On the 2nd form ( "frmCrit" I call it) .. I have a combo box, and a command
button. The combo box is unbound and the command button is bound to the (1
Query "Query1" I call it). Query1 is set to find unique values of a ID field
within "table 1."

The combo box search works; ...however, it only brings up a "Table" with the
record highlighted - of the value that was placed in the < unbound > combobox
for the search criteria.

What I was expecting to happen was....

When I open my "main_form" .... Click a command button that activates or
opens other form "frmCrit" that has my search function on it. I wanted the
matching search to populate the "Main Form" with any matching records and not
a sepearte table that opens up with the criteria highlighted.

What am I doing wrong here? ...In a nutshell, I just want to be able to
click a command button on my form that brings up a search box so that when a
user types in a "-ID" value that exists already within the associated
database "Table 1" that it populates the form with the records information.

Rick B

9 posts is a bit much. Chill out and wait for an answer. Someone will get
back to you.

You should try to not post the same question in multiple groups. If someone
answers your question in one group, another person might invest their time
and effort into answering it in the other group. This means two people
spend time (oftne giving the same answer).

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