search by file type....and other ways I could search in XP



In XP, I could perform a search for a specific file type, like .doc for Word
documents. Can I do this in Vista?


Thanks for the help, but when I follow the link, it's showing me a lot of
syntax for a command line search.
In XP, in Windows Explorer, you could search by a file type by selecting
from a list of all the types available. The list included the icon for the
file type.
This was really easy (except it took a while to load all the file types into
the list). It was find/click/search.
It still seems that that capability is not in Vista.
If that is truly the case, then so be it, but if it's there (or something
equally easy) I'd like to find it. I used this approach a LOT in the past.


Nah, it doesn't work like XP...

You can have it only show search results for certain file types: e-mail,
document, Pictures, or Music files
And if you turn on Advanced Search, then you can filter on date & size...

Ronnie Vernon MVP


Press the WINKEY+F keys to bring up the search window. At the top/right,
click Advanced Search.

In the Location drop down menu, select a drive or click the Choose Locations
and select where you want to perform the search. In the Name box, type
*.doc and click the Search Button.

When you are finished, if this is a search in a location that you use often,
you can save this search. Click the Save Search button, enter a name for the
search and choose a location. The default location is:

The next time you open this saved search, it will automatically refresh and
the search will be instantaneous and complete by the time the search window


Wow ... I just discovered you can type *.doc in the search box right above
the Orb (old Start Menu) and it will list all the .doc files right there
above the Orb ... you can click to open or you can right-click on any one of
them and get a context menu ... will take you right to the file ... didn't
know this ... cool ... just tried it again and it opened Search Results
windows with the files listed ... vanilla

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