screen savers replaced with music files



I think someone has hacked into my music files. I am getting e mails from
friend who say I am sending them viruses or spams from two of my e mail
account. My outlook and yahoo accounts are sending e mail with my music files
attached to them. Some have viruses and some have porn picutres attached to
them. In addiction all of my screen saver files have been replaced with files
from my music. I can not delet any of the files in my screen saver options
not can I up load any new screen saver files. I was told by my ISP that I
have a spam virus and they can not help. Nor can I contact anyone at Windows
to help me unless I pay them $35.00. The problem is not worth $35 to me as I
am un employed at this time and can not afford to spend that money. If some
one here can help me please contact me at (e-mail address removed)

Mark L. Ferguson

Unless you just want to start over, by installing windows to a different
folder, and reinstalling all apps, then 'take ownership' of old data files,
you will have to identify the virus, and find the way to remove it.

There is an online virus scan that could help identify it, but the active X
setting for 'unsigned activeX' needs to be disabled in IE, tools, options,
Security tab, "custom level' button. Then go online to:

Free Online Virus and Security Check:

Once you know what you have, you can Google for the cure(s)

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