Screen Saver Policy Problem



I have implemented (settings in User Configuration-Admin
Templates-CtrlPanel/Display) a GPO to:

1. Password protect the screen saver - Enabled
2. Screen Saver - Enabled
3. Screen Saver Timeout - Enabled (900 seconds)

I expected the behavior to be that all authenticating clients (both users &
computers are in AD) would be able to choose their screen saver, but have
the timeout and password protect checkboxes grayed out.

But, only my XP clients are exhibiting this behavior. The Windows 2000
clients only get the password checkbox grayed out if they choose a screen
saver but are able to change the timeout. If the W2K clients have none
selected (as a screen saver), then the timeout box is also unavailable for

Is there a problem with how XP & W2K differ in GPO application?
How can I get my W2K clients to exhibit the same behavior as my XP clients?



Thanks for the reply. I looked at my XP clients, and they are all set
properly as a REG_SZ value with '1' in HKEY_Current_User hive. The password
box is set properly for all my clients (W2K & XP) but the W2K clients are
able to change the timeout. The password check box is grayed out on all of
them as I expected.

My concern is that with the majority of my clients (W2K) able to arbitrarily
set the timeout, I can not guarantee that they will have their workstations
locked when they leave the work area.

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