screen rotated 90 degrees



Eek! Need help getting it back to normal!

On Windows XP Professional, the booting screen is normal, but as soon as it
goes to log onto windows, the display is sideways. This happened after
playing a CD-ROM game, I'm totally clueless how to get it back to normal.
I've gone through all the display settings... searched on support... help!!




What kind of video card and drivers do you have?
On my system, I can right click on the desktop and choose "Properties".
Then on the dialog that shows up I choose the tab "Settings". From there,
there is a button "Advanced". Pressing that gives me a dialog with tabs on
the top. One of those tabs has the name of the video card I have. From
there, after fishing through a few options I can find a rotate option.

This same dialog is also one of the control panels. I have an nVidia card
and the control panel is named "nVidia nView Desktop Manager". Yours might
be different depending on what card you have.

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