Screen Resolution will not go higher than 1024X768



Sorry, got cut off...
Anyway, every since I upgraded to XP, I've been having
this problem. Under settings, my laptop recognizes two
monitors: the default monitor itself and an
additional 'generic tv.' I only have the one monitor that
came with the laptop. The problem occurs when I go to
change the screen resolution so that the icons are not so
enormous. Once I change the setting say a resolution
higher than 1024X768, The taskbar on the bottom remains
the same, but it magnifies the desktop incredibly; and
also to the point where I can't navigate it properly. I
thought I had the latest video/display driver, NVidia,
which came with my laptop when it had ME on it. Please
let me know what I can do to resolve this issue.
(e-mail address removed)



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

Have you re-installed the WinXP-specific video drivers that were
supplied by the video adapter's manufacturer? (The drivers you were
using with WinMe certainly won't work under WinXP, and should have
been deleted during the upgrade.)

Bruce Chambers
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