Schema Update for Exchange 2003




We have an Windows 2003 member server running Exchange 2003 in a Windows
2000 domain. We had two DC's. The first in line DC went down with hardware
failure and will not be back. After we seized the FSMO roles and got the
backup DC running failry smooth, we have a problem that the schema is not up
to date. I cannot make changes to our Exchange Server mail users from the
Domain Controller.

Does anyone know if I can safely run the forestprep and domainprep commands
on this Domain Controller with a reasonable chance of success that it will
allow me to rehook into our Exchange 2003 Server? All the text I have read
so far says you need to run these steps before installation. However, in
this case it is installed and functioning, I just cannot make any changes too

I appeciate any help!




Joe Richards [MVP]

Your schema is almost certainly fine. You need to load the Exchange tools. You
should probably avoid putting them on a DC and either run them from your
Exchange server or more intelligently, run them from a workstation.

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