Scheduling tasks to run during next reboot

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Adrian Theodorescu

Hi All,

Does anybody know how can I scedule a task to run next time the system
reboots? I want to be able to repace the whole Windows directory with
another one stored on the HDD, so I need to do this before Windows locks
the system files. I noticed that some applications do this (e.g. Partition
Magic) in order to perform various tasks that would not be allowed while
Windows is running.




Johan Arwidmark

You can use a startup-script in order to execute programs/script
during computer startup but not for replacing the windows folder.

You can install Windows to a second drive/partition, boot up to the
new installation and then do what you want with the old one.

You can also use tools like Windows PE in order to gain access to the
windows installation

Johan Arwidmark

Windows User Group - Nordic

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