Scheduled Backups



Hello all!

I have been struggling to perform scheduled backup-to-disk
operations to hard drives that are locally installed on
PC's throughout my network. I tape backup all mission
critical databases daily but our tape system is not large
enough to hold all non-critical data such as profiles,
photo library, marketing info, etc...

I installed 120GB Samsung HDD's in five boxes throughout
the network. After formatting, I mapped there location on
the server and setup scheduled backups to run throughout
the week. When run manually, these jobs run perfect with
zero errors. If left to run through the Task Scheduler,
the report says the following:
"Backup Status
The operation was not performed because the specified
media cannot be found."

The account I use to setup the jobs and run the jobs has
full rights across the network and the permissions are all

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate
them. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you!

just say NO to PDF

Try using \\server\share\file as your target.
Remember that scheduled jobs run in a specific user context and session
which is not the same as your logged-in session. So mapped drives for your
session won't exist for scheduled jobs. GOTCHA!



It's always the easiest answers that drive us the

Your solution worked perfect. I'm kicking myself for not
even trying that. Thank you very much.

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