Scanpst.exe does not work...Outlook not working also


Dawn M

My problem started when my incoming mail could not arrive. I could see the
number of mails trying to arrive (in the outlook status line) from the server
briefly as it tries. I have run the scanpst.exe multiple times, on my current
..pst and an old smaller saved .pst file to see if it was the current .pst
file or the program. The Inbox repair tool search detected multiple problems
on the
files but every scan freezes and task manager says the Inbox repair tool is
'not responding' every time. I casn see all my old e-mails and contacts, but
cannot manipulate anything. My file is not over 2Gb. I have reloaded Outlook
and rerun scanpst.exe in case the scanpst.exe was corrupted, but it made no
difference. My system is scrubbed for virus/bugs etc.
I reset my email address in the Outlook tools, I have rebooted multiple time
as well as resetting my connection. The e-mail test is not successful.

Subsequently by setting up a new Outlook2 personal file folder, my e-mails
downloaded, but I still cannot send/receive.
Do I have 2 problems here? A corrupt .pst file as well as my outlook not

Can anyone help?

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