'Scan to Email' From SCanner or Software Fails


Geoff Davis

Vista Business & Office 2003. USB connected HPC5180 Multi Function Device.
Have been able to Scan direct to email using either the Hp Software or the
Control Panel on the HP5180 without any problems ever since the printer was
installed. About a month ago Outlook had a problem in that 3 Read receipts
got 'stuck' and would not send, blocking one of the 3 Accounts I have set up.
In order to clear the read receipts I followed instructions on the
How-to-Outlook web site and used mdbvu32.
Since then the Scan to Email fails after the Scan has taken place and at
what seems to be the point when an attempt is made to create email. A
message box appears with the title 'HP Photo & Imaging Gallery' and the
message 'Send to Email Failed'. An error appears in the event log "Faulting
application hpqdstcp.exe, version, time stamp 0x457cdd1d, faulting
module MFC80.DLL," First instincts would suggest that the HP software is at
fault but as it only started when the read receipts were removed it points to
outlook. Anyway I went ahead and uninstalled the current HP software and
downloaded and installed the latest version for Vista but it made no
difference. Today I used Outlooktools and ran ScanPST and repaired the pst
file. The very first test 'Scan to Email' after the repair worked fine but
subsequent tests have failed. I have also done a detect & repair from within
outlook and also a repair installation on Office 2003.
Does anyone have any ideas of other things I could try.

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