Scalability of Excel. Excel worksheet limit hit. Do I need a datab



Hello All,

I have a scalbility issue. I have about 50 complicated worksheet templates
that get populated to the tune of 10 worksheets /template/year i.e. every
year I am amass 500 worksheets but now I really need to save this information
in a database to allow reporting and analysis. I now have 5000+ worksheets
and it is time to scale up.

I do not want to replace my templates as they cost a lot to develop but I
need the ability to save them in some database. I guess the first answer
maybe SQL Server but do you wizards out there know if this woul dbe the best
option? Is there is an Excel Server coponent that would allow me to
centrally store this data.

Welcome any suggestions.

Many Thanks



Charles Williams

Hi Baldy,

Sounds like you are past the time for a redesign:I would look at using the
Jet database engine (free, already installled on everyoones PC) or the SQL
server engone to store the data and use DAO/ADO to store and retrieve the
data to/from Excel using SQL queries.

This is easy to do !

The Excel Calculation Site


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