Saving XLS File as CSV



I have an xls file with worksheet made up of 3 columns of data. I save
it in Excel 2003 as csv file. When I open the csv file, the columns
are lumped into one column.

When I do the same thing in Excel 2000, 3 column appear and this is the
desired result.

How do I make 3 columns appear in excel 2003?

Thanks in advance



Gloria Thrurk

Menu, Data , Convert...

Yes, it's tricky and annoying.

If you have just used the Menu, Data , Convert... in XL2003
then the next csv file you open will magically spread itself into 3 cloumns.
As if X knew you wanted it like that.
However if you close Excel, it seems to forget.

So, do it once and it will remember.. until you next close XL.


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