Saving files to cd



I am using Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 with Service Pack 2. I'm
trying to write files to CD but cannot. I can burn media files using Media
Center or WMP, but they don't seem to let me select data files. When I try to
Drag and Drop files I get a message "E:\ is not accessible" "Incorrect
Function". I've tried installing a new disk and selecting "Open Writable CD
folder using Windows Explorer" but I get the same error message. What gives?
I thought XP had a built-in cd burning function? Do I really need to get a
3rd party program? Seems like a waste of money and space. Or is something
wrong with the system or drive? I have right-clicked on it and it is enabled
and says it's functioning properly.
Any suggestions or explanations appreciated.


Yes xp supports cd burning, and yes you will need to get a third part piece
of software to support packet burning.

Try this, just for grins:

check properties of the burner and see if burning is enabled, yes I know the
assumption is that it is, as you are able to burn media and etc, just look
and see.


You were right. I found a box called "Enable CD recording on this device" and
it was unchecked. Checking it allwoed me to drag and drop (well kinda, it
does that temporary location thing, but it works). Thanks for the help.

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