Saving double-byte characters as unicode text in a CSV file


Michael Bond

I'm having a problem doing something I have done successfully before. I need
to save some double-byte characters that I see in an Excel file into a
comma-delimited CSV file. Sounds simple, but I'm not getting the results I

Here's what I'm doing with the file in Excel 2007.

1. Save As
2. Other Formats
3. CSV (MS-DOS) (*.CSV)
4. Open the file in Wordpad or Notepad

Unfortunately, a cell that looks like this in Excel: 什么是情商?

turns into this in the CSV file: ????????????

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Shane Devenshire


I never work with this type of data, but have you looked at the JIS and the
ASC functions?

Michael Bond

I will look into JIS and ASC. However I have done this in the past using the
process i described below (or something like it). I'm sure I'm doing
something stupid but I just can't get it to work again.


Choose SAVE AS
In the File Name enter "yourfilename.csv" including the quotes
In the SAVE AS TYPE dropdown pick "Unicode Text (*.txt)

You can also save it with any name and then change the extension from txt to

Michael Bond

That worked. Thanks! All I had to do afterwards was to search and replace
the TAB characters with commas.

Thanks again!

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