saving an excel file as text without text in quotes



I am creating a comma delimited (text) file for upload to another
application. The file is a tab in Excel (2000). No matter what (.txt) file
format I select to save as, each line of the output file is in quotes (which
are not present in the excel source file. As a result, the upload
application doe not recognize the data.


Start with a completely blank worksheet.
Put hello world in cell A1
Save the file as .csv
Open the resulting file with Notepad

You should see no quotes


Mr. Student:

thanks for your reply. I followed your directions. I opened a fresh
workbook (book3.xls). I copied column A of my Excel worksheet output data
tab (already pasted special as value from my input tab) and pasted it to
column A of sheet1 of book3.xls. Then i selected <file> <save as> and
changed the file save as type to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) using the
default Filename (i.e. - Book3.csv).

This is what is in cells A1:A2 of the output dab of my source workbook:

D/0001, ,06/30/05,1,170,11510,1366.87
T/0001, ,06/30/05,1,1,2005-06 Interest Income - V&H Note

this is what the first two lines of book3.csv contain when I open it with

"D/0001, ,06/30/05,1,170,11510,1366.87"
"T/0001, ,06/30/05,1,1,2005-06 Interest Income - V&H Note"

Do you have any other suggestions?



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