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Hi All,

I have this form with a"Close" button, "Save" button and 2 subform (value
Claim and 3rd Party). I will like to enforce user to click on the save button
to save the changes. If changes is make in subform or main form and user did
not click on the save button before clicking close button the system will
prompt the user if they want to save the changes.

I am new with access 2007. please help me.

Thanks in advance.



Tom van Stiphout

On Sun, 17 May 2009 20:52:06 -0700, Mavis

That goes against the grain of how Access works, so that may not be
your best course of action. When a user leaves a mainform for a
subform, the mainform is saved, and when doing the reverse the subform
is saved, all without writing a single line of code.

To do what you want would require some advanced programming that
cannot be expected of someone new at Access.
Some user training "if you do this, that happens" may be a simpler way
to deal with this. Don't forget to teach users about hitting Esc once
to cancel the current field, and twice to cancel the current record.

Microsoft Access MVP

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