Save Changes to the Global Template? Keeps Popping Up


Roger Marrs

I keep getting the prompt asking if I want to save I've
reviewed the FAQ at on this issue. I currently have Word set
up so that the only template being accessed is I've checked for
COM add-ins and have none.

I have noticed however, that the file size of increases by 2 kb
nearly every time I close out of Word after getting the prompt about saving
changes to the template. I always answer No, but the file size of grows so it seems like some kind of information may be getting
written to that file regardless.

The pop up has become very annoying and I don't know what else to try in
order to get it stopped. I'm using Word 2003.

I do have a 3rd party application that opens Word to create documents, and
it's only when Word docs are opened with this program that I have the
problems with the popup prompt. However, 15 others in my office
use the same 3rd party program, without any problem whatsoever. It seems to
me like there must be some kind of setting in Word that is causing this




Charles Kenyon

It is some setting in your third-party program. If it changes or adds menus,
toolbars, or keyboard shortcuts, it is probably making changes to My guess is that the others in your workgroup do not have the
option checked to prompt before saving changes to

This does not just happen. And there is no setting in Word, itself, that
automatically changes every time Word is opened (so long as you
have a
Charles Kenyon

Word New User FAQ & Web Directory:

Intermediate User's Guide to Microsoft Word (supplemented version of
Microsoft's Legal Users' Guide)

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Roger Marrs

The third-party program doesn't integrate with Word in any way, other than
providing the user the option to use Word as the document editor, rather
than the built-in generic rtf editor. The programs document processor then
opens the documents in Word for editing. The vendor intentionally avoids
any integration with Word beyond the bare minimum necessary to enable Word
to be used as the editor.

However, I did narrow the problem down to the "Trust all installed add-ins
and templates" check box in the Macro Security dialog. If I clear that
check box then when starting Word I get prompted to enable or disable three
macros:; an add-in for Conferral (a web conferencing program);
and a global template file we use in our office. If I leave the "Trust
all..." check box cleared, but set the macro security back to low, the
problem returns.

I can enable each of those macros without encountering the problem with the popup prompt. I went through the article link provided by Susan
Barnhill, but none of the solutions suggested in that article enabled me to
find the offending file or add-in.

I don't have any COM add-ins, there are not any templates in the Office
Startup folder, the macros that I am prompted about aren't the source of the
problem. We use Norton CE so I searched for the OFFICEAV.DLL file and it
wasn't found on my drive.

It seems like there must be a macro that, if allowed to run, creates the
problem, but I'm not being prompted to enable the offending macro when
security is set to Medium. Any other ideas?

and add-ins

Suzanne S. Barnhill

I'd take a hard look at the Conferral add-in.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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Roger Marrs

Strange, but Word is working just fine now. Conferral didn't provide any
configuration options to disable the .dll file. So I attempted to disable
the .dll
that was showing up on the enable/disable marcos prompt by moving it to a
different folder. That didn't solve the problem, so I moved the .dll file
back to its original location. However, Word now seems to be playing nicely
with my third-party app without any problems at all.

Thanks to all for their efforts to help me fix this annoying situation.


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