Samsung 1 TB SSD for $490




Lynn McGuire

Probably, but the real question is, is it worth it?

Yousuf Khan
Previously, the cheapest 1 TB SSD drive that I
have seen is $900.





Lynn McGuire said:
Any good?
I bought the 750GB variant a month ago. Fast, no issues so far.
I was tempted to get a "pro" version at 512GB instead, but
speed-wise it is not much difference and I have had only
2.5TB writes on my system 250GB Samsung 830 pro in over a
year. Definitely do not use this drive for a DB or other
application where a lot gets written, as it seems the design
lifetime (wear-level indicator = 1) is 2000 complete overwrites.
Users have tried to kill their drives, which seems to happen
in the are of 4000 complete overwrites.

Note though that many (all?) SSDs that have been run until
failure did not go into read-only mode as some manufacturers
claimed, but instead just died completely. It may be a good idea
to replace after those 2000 overwrites.

Also note that the smaller ones will drop significantly in
write speed on sustained writes. One reason to get the 500GB,
750GB or 1TB variant, they drop from 500MB/s to 400MB/s, which
basically does not matter.


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