Same SDK places different CF files on device.


John Vaccaro

I have a small issue with the CF 2.0 and the SDK for WinMobile 5. The issue
is bringing the devices, that I am using at work, and trying to do work from
home. The VS 2005 Pro that is installed at work and my VS 2005 Pro at home
are the same build release and the SDK that is installed at work and the one
I have at home are the same downloaded file. When I deploy my project to the
device at work, for debugging, everything works fine. When I bring the
device home and do a deploy, VS wants to redeploy the CF and SQL Mobile CABs
which causes the app not to run. There are some dll's that we developed at
work that are also deployed, but the app can't find the CF after being
deployed from my workstation at home. However, when I do a build and copy
the exe to the device (overwriting the existing exe), everything runs fine.

Has anyone run into this problem and if so, what did you do to correct it.
It is really annoying that I can't debug from my PC at home because VS wants
to deploy files that already exist on the device.






I've found that adding an empty file to the root folder with the same
name as the cab file that VS wants to deploy, then making it read only,
seems to work for me. The cab installer is silent if you give it an
empty file so you don't even have to click anything on the device. And
VS should ignore the fact that it couldn't write to the file as well.
Hope this works for you.



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