Same Plotarea Size




I'm probably not the only one having this problem: How can I get the
same plotarea size for all charts on a sheet?

The plotarea can not be set from Excel nor from VBA, only the chartarea
as far as know.

I'm now trying to get around this with VBA.

This is what I do:
- Define how I want to have InsideLeft, -top, -height and -width of the
- Get the actual plotarea (PlotArea.InsideLeft, -Top, -Height and
- Get the actual chartarea (PlotArea.Left, -Top, -Height and -Width)
- Calculate the difference between actual and wanted plotarea (left,
top, height and width) and add it to the chartarea (left, top, height
and width) to set the new chartarea.

It does work, only for charts with 1 Y- and X-axis though. And it is not
a very solid method (yet?).

So is this the way to go or is there anybody with a nicer, better, more
complete solution?




Jon Peltier

Kees -

I have some rudimentary code here for aligning plot areas and so forth. Probably not too well
documented, but you seem to already have a good idea of what you're doing.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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