Same menu items on ToolStripDropDown and ContextMenuStrip



I've been searing the Internet and get many many hits but never the answer
to what I'm looking for.

I want the same menu items (File, Edit, Preferences) and their sub-items
(Open, Save; Cut, Paste...) to appear on the MainMenuStrip and the
ContextMenuStrip .

1) Is that possible with out maintaining the items on both strips?

2)If so I do I have to move them to the opening strip as it opens and leave
them there. Or put them back when that strip closes.

3)I could really use some sample code showing the shifting of items back and
forth. Do you know of any? Even a small very simple example would help.




Alexander Vasilevsky

You need create menu items and add them to MainMenuStrip and the
If You need example - please write me.

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