Safe Mode Keyboard Crash



Hey guys,
Whenever I reboot to safe mode the second I hit a button on the keyboard the
system freezes. What's going on? Please help me, I need to remove a virus!


Try disabling plug and play service in services in safe mode, your account.


If your mouse works click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools >
Services. Scroll down to Plug and Play service. Double click it and stop the
service. See if your keyboard works. If not go back to control panel and
click the keyboard icon. Click Hardware tab then the properties box then the
Driver tab then uninstall box. Turn off the computer and
disconnect/reconnect the keyboard. Boot into safe mode. Windows should
reinstall your keyboard now, if not try manual install by opening the
control panel and clicking the add hardware icon, Windows will search for
new hardware if it doesn't find it you will be given the two options, choose
"yes I have installed the new hardware" click next and choose your keyboard
from the list, click next.

Hopefully this will fix the keyboard problem and you can remove the virus.
Then you can restart the plug and play service, set it to automatic.

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