Runtime error


peter holliday

Whilst using a file in word I come to close and save changes but - Microsoft
Visual C++ runtime library appears stating
Program C:\ Program files\Microsoft office\Office 10\ WINWORD>EXE
abnormal program termination.
The message goes on to say word has automatically saved changes to normal
document template.
What is causing this event???
How can I stop it??
Tony H



Taurarian Constellation

The runtime error suggests the problem could be related to a macro in a template or
add-in. Go to the Tools menu and choose Templates and Add-Ins to see if any templates
or add-ins are listed. They may be found in the Office Startup folder or Word Startup
folder. See MVPs article:
on opening problems also describes how to remove them from the startup folder. It's
best to do this one at a time to work out which one may be causing the problem. The
article also lists other problems that can affect the smooth running of Word, such as
corrupt registry keys. See also

If the above doesn't assist try the Word NG under Office


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