Running Total, Opening & Closing Acct Balance in Cash Book



Dear Friends,
I am building a worksheet that records Cash-In/Cash Out and Cash Advance
Tracking and need (a) Running Balance (B) It Needs to show closing Cash
Balance for the current month and the opening balance for the following
The data that needs to be manipulated is based on 4 colums as below:

B - Cash-In
C-Cash - Out
D-Cash Advances and Settlements

Available Cash at any Time is calculated as follows
Cash-In Minus Cash-Out and Plus or Minus New Advances or Settlements
(Advances will be a positive amount whilesettlement will be a negative amount)

The Caculated Cash Balance at end of month need to be the following months
opening balance based on the date.

Is there also a possibiity to bring the Closing balnace to the Pivot Table
to be used for bank reconciliation purpose.

I dont want to use VBA Code, Instead only formulas.




Fred Smith

Rather than a pivot table, why not just calculate the running balance in
column E?


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