Running .net cf 2.0 application on wince 6.0



Hi all,

I have got Visual Studio 2005 and WinCE 6.0 Beta installed. I am able
to build an OS
image (with .Net CF 2.0) and deploy it on the device and it is running

Now i tried to build a Device App and deploy it on the device, it gives
me error saying file not found. I found that those cab files were in
separate dir, i copied
all those cab files to

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio

Now it continued deploying but at the end it says "Parmeter incorrect"

I was thinking that to run .net cf app(on ARM) we only need
but wceload.exe started deploying something else.

I am new to this, can anyone help me out in this.

Thanks in advance,



Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

You'll be able to get a CE6 evaluation on Nov. 1. I think that's probably
what you want to do, rather than spending the time between now and then
trying to cobble together something that will work in the beta.

Paul T.

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