Running BCM database from a SBS 2003 server


Chris Swinney

Is it possible to create a BCM database on a client computer then move it to
a main server running SBS 2003 (with or with R2) and get client to connect
to that? I know there is a dull CRM package (MS CRM 3.0) but many of my
clients do not need this full functionality but it would be useful to store
the database in a more central location.

As far as I am aware, BCM uses the MSDE version of SQL. SBS 2003 R2 uses SQL
2005 workgroup edition but I'm sure it still has MSDE install for things
such as SBS Monitoring.

Many thanks for any information



Hi Chris

You can try these steps and see if they help

Detach the MSDE 2000 or SQL Express 2005 data file, and then attach it again
on a computer that is running SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005.

For information about how to use the sp_attach_db procedure to attach a
database to a server, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
For information about how to use the sp_detach_db procedure to detach a
database to a server, visit the following Microsoft Web site:
For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

I haven't tried this to be frank :)

Chris Swinney


Thanks for this. MS have said (of course) that this configuration is not
supported, however, it would make so much more sense to store that DB on a
central server machine like SBS 2003. MSDE and SQL 2005 are both used by SBS
so it would make sense to utilise them and for any number of other reasons
(availability, backup, remote access etc). CRM 3.0 is just to overkill for a
lot of small companies both in terms of features and cost. Most of them want
a simple two tier contacting system (Company --> Contact) and to be able to
link incoming AND outgoing emails to those contacts - basically what BCM

We had achieved something like though some reworking of Randy Bryne's
"Building Application with Outlook" that used Public Folders. This has work
successfully for us and other clients for some tim, but this has broken a
bit with out new SBS install.



No problem Chris - I could forward a white paper which might provide some
info it you are interested :)


Hi Chris or Raul,

I'm also interested in the white paper ;o)


Chris Swinney schreef:

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