running ASP.NET under a domain user


Bruce Whitehouse

How do I get the ASP.NET processes running under a domain user, rather than
the standard ASP.NET user?

I have a COM dll that requires access to a network share. I'd rather run
the ASP.NET process under a domain user, rather than give the ASP.NET user
access to the share.


Bruce Whitehouse

I've tried changing these settings and it doesn't seem to work.

Is there another way of doing this?


Dave Davidson

We use the <identity> element in our web.config file and
it works great. When accessing SQL Server, we used to
have to either give the ASPNET account access or use SQL
Server authentication. Now we impersonate a special user
account and give it access only to what it needs. This
should also work for a COM component.

You can also set the identity of the COM component. We've
used this method as well. Create an account specifically
for the COM component and set its identity in Component
Services. That way ASPNET won't have access to your share
directly - it will have to use the COM component to gain
indirect access.

- Dave (MCP)

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