Running an app which requires quote defined parameters




I have a Excel set of macros (it has to run under Office 2000 and Office 2007), one of which calls another app which requites quote defined parameters.. I plan to use the Shell setup but am stuck in defining the actual call. The application requires a call that looks like this:

C:/convertxls.exe /S"C:\inputfolder\*.xlsx" /T"C:/Outputfolder/*.xls" /C-4143 /F51 /M2 /R /V

Note that there are quotes INSIDE the parameters. If I try and set the whole thing up defined by quotes it does not work, and if I break it into quotes defined groups connected with an & that does not work either.

Can someone suggest how I could set this up so that the application gets its parameters in a form it can understand.


John Baker

Shell(ConvertCommand, 1)


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