"RunAs" utility


Marlon Brown

Hi there,

I need to run a script using "runas" command since my logged on users are
non administrators on the local machine.

Is there any available tool "runas" that is considered secure enough to be
used and applied as a group policy-logon script ? I am currently enconding a
..vbs script but obviously that is a very weak protection. I would like a
'runas' tool that is protected by password.

Steven L Umbach

I don't know of an answer to your question but if a script can be run as a computer
startup script, then it runs in system context and users can have permissions removed
from the script so that they can not view it in sysvol as long as domain computers
has permissions to the script. --- Steve

Marlon Brown

Unfortunately in my case the installer needs to perform several functions
that rely on full network access - what usually cannot be accomplished via
startup scripts.

Drew Cooper [MSFT]

You'd have to hard-code a password in your script. Users could possibly get
the password.

Starting a process remotely with WMI or the task scheduler might be another
option if the script doesn't need to be run in the users' contexts.

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