Run-time Error '6' overflow in Access 97



I'm using a VB program with Access 97 on Windows XP.

I am the user of a program and am having a problem inputting data. I'm
getting an Error 6 Overflow. There are only 8 fields in this table and of
these only 3 are fillable.

The first field is choosing among a list (contained in a linked table), the
second entering a date, and the third is a memo field.

I am entering less than 50 characters in the memo field so the overflow
shouldn't be here. Although looking at the record associated with my data
everything is complete except the memo field.

As I am only the user I don't have access to the code. From what I've read
I can insert up to 65,536 characters in a memo field. It is possible that
the code is filling in another field that I don't know about but I can't find
a field in any of the tables or linked databases that it could be filling.

If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them.
Thanks in advance.


I'm not inputting any numbers. My options are choosing a transaction type,
inputting a date and entering a memo.

Douglas J Steele

What exactly is being chosen from the list, and in what type of field is the
value being stored?

Doug Steele, Microsoft Access MVP

(no e-mails, please!)


The list is linked to another table it inserts a number to identify the type
of transaction I'm indicating. The type is integer but it never goes above

I looked to see if I was exceeding 32768 in a number field and I found that
I am but it says the Field Size is Long Integer and New Values is Increment
and is Indexed (No Duplicates).

Could this be my problem?


The data type for the field size is AutoNumber and is a long integer.

Douglas J. Steele

Integer values less than 157, and AutoNumber fields shouldn't be the

No other field defaults or anything like that?

I'm assuming that you're strictly typing into the fields. Is that correct?
If not, and you're using code to populate the fields, what's the code?


My software is a patent docket software and is runtime. I can look at the
database files but not the code. Most of the fields that are populated by
the code. My list is a list of types of correspondence sent or received from
our office. The descriptions of the correspondence type is in a linked
table. The code populates the record with the related field. There is an
activity number that increments by 1 each time a record is created. This is
the Autonumber field. I am typing into a date field. There is a field that
can complete ticklers created by another record. And a memo field. Any of
the other fields seem insignificant as they identify my types of
correspondence. That is the portion of database that I'm having trouble

My Autonumber field (Activity Number) should be fine as it is a Long
Integer. I am at about 32800 in this field. I might even guess that this
could be the problem but I added some fields to the database so now my
Activity Number is at about 32815.

I appreciate your help. This is not something I can go back to the
programmer as he is no longer supporting this program.

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