Run-time error 53



Everytime I open Excel 2003, I get MS Visual Basic window with run-time error
'53': File not found: WBLM32.dll. The only way to continue is to click end
and then excel comes up. I've downloaded all updates, tried repair, but
still get same error - what can I do?

Nick Hodge


Try and remember what programs you have added recently. This is almost
certainly a faulting add-in not Excel. I doubt that it will be listed under
Tools>Add-ins in Excel, but you could look, uncheck all and see if it goes
away. If it does add one back at a time until the issue comes back when you
start Excel.

Again though, I would stress you think very carefully what products you have
that have Excel or Office integration, as it appears a third party add-in
that is faulting.

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)


I have the same vb error 53 with excel 2003 only I have no add-ins. The error
is related to a file from Lexus-Nexus Time Matters 8.0 client I have
installed. Something about not finding a bmp file in some script. I just
don't know why the script is running. It is only on certain clients not
running the Intel chipset. Thsy are running ATI. Can you help?

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