run-time error 2282 -- trying to write to Word



Hello Group,

I'm extremely rusty with my coding and trying to do something that I THINK
should be simple. I'm trying to write a string, WholeFile, from Access 2000
vba to Word. I don't need to format it just get it over there. I've set my
getobject variable but couldn't find a way to just write to the word document.

I came across docmd.outputto so this is my line:
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputModule, WholeFile, acFormatRTF, "milestones.rtf", True

Getting the following run-time error 2282 msg:
The formats that enable you to output data as a Microsoft Excel, rich-text
format, MS-DOS text, or HTML file are missing from the Windows Registry.

How could this be missing and how do I put it back?

If you have a better way for me to do this I would appreciate any and all




Hi Alex,

I'm not sure what you mean by rerun access setup. Reinstall it?

Thanks for your time,


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