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I upgraded to Vista about a month ago, installed Office 2007 and everything
worked pretty well until yesterday. I turned on the system and as it booted
there was a message about needing to checkdisk. Then for the next 5/10
mintues there was a message informing me that invalid security IDs had to be
replaced on files ...and the screen scrolled through thousands of files.
When I was finally able to log on to my account (which was the administrator
account from the time I upgraded) I found I had lost access to all of my
files (docs, music, etc.) and now needed to choose to run Outlook as an
administrator for it to work. (Prior to yesterday, all I needed to do was
click on the Outlook icon in my toolbar to open the program and retreive

Anybody have an idea of what happened? How can I have the system recognize
my user account as the administrator? (It is a step backward to have to now
right click and select "run as administrator" to use Outlook 2007.)


Kerry Brown

Check the event logs for disk related errors. It sounds like a bad sector in
the wrong spot on the hard drive.

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